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If your child has started year 5 at primary school and needs to sit some form of exam to progress to a selective (grammar) school, you may need help from an experienced tutor with a track record of getting pupils to pass the 11+ exams.

I have tutored for a couple of years and have helped several children overcome the dreaded 11+ papers to gain a place at their local grammar school.

Prior to that, I guided both my sons to pass their 11+ exams. Both went on to gain good university degrees.

Based in Sittingbourne, Kent, UK. I hold a university degree, and over 30 years business experience. I have a proven track record and the know-how to help my students pass their 11+ exams.

As a tutor, I am patient, calm and focussed. My lessons are both practical and fun with a bias towards strengthening areas of weakness to give the child full confidence when approaching the day of the exam.

My very reasonable tutoring rate of £22 per hour is dependent on location of training.


If you want to know more, please send a messsage



Sittingbourne, Kent, UK


Weekdays 3pm onwards.

Weekends 11am onwards.